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Stephanie Beacham - Evening Booster Kit.

Stephanie Beacham - Evening Booster Kit

This pack contains the following products:
- Glyco Serum
- Intense Moisture Cream
- Eye Refiner Gel
Glyco Serum
This is the resurfacer that really makes a difference, sheds dead skin cells, giving a wonderful luminous glow. Apply about a pea sized amount to the skin, avoiding the eye area. This product is left on the skin. This should, initially, be used only every other day. If the skin feels itchy or red then reduce application to every two days.
Intense Moisture Cream
A smoothing and protecting moisturiser that will transform your skin. The Tripeptides lessens lines and hyaluronic acid holds and binds moisture. Gives a youthful and dewy glow.
Eye Refiner Gel
This light refining eye gel will soften and hydrate the very delicate eye area.
Directions for use. Apply a small amount of this product using the ring finger. Gently pat onto the surface of the skin on the eye orbital area

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Please note.
All our products are for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and are not to be used on chapped broken or troubled skin.
With regards to Glyco, some irritation will occur, if it is extensive then stop use.