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Lucy Speed - Peel Kit.

Lucy Speed - Peel Kit

The Peel Kit is a great way to kick start your skin's rejuvenation process or to maximise the results you are already getting. It is an effective anti ageing tool and a must for anyone who cannot get to a salon or clinic for a deep anti ageing treatment. This at home peel kit contains enough for six peels, this is beacause a course of 6 peels, one a week for six weeks is usually required to see maximum skin rejuvenation.
The gycolic in the peel helps to increase turnover of cells, allowing a more youthful appearance. No peeling or redness is caused by these products, they simply dissolve dead skin cells to real new, younger skin.
Gentle Facial Cleaner
This is a gentle cleanser which contains bamboo beads to gently, but effectively, exfoliate the skin and remove debris allowing the other products to penetrate into the skin.
Directions for use. Apply one pump to dampened skin, massage gently, then remove thoroughly with damp sponge. Rinse skin well with tepid water. Pat skin dry.
Skin Prep
This firmer and toner removes excess debris from the surface of the skin allowing greater penetration of the Glyco Peel for maximum effect.
Directions for use. Apply to a cotton wool pad and sweep over entire face and neck, avoiding eye area, do not remove.
Glyco Peel
Glycol Peel contains glycolic acid, a derivative of sugar cane, which breaks down the glue-like substance holding dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It also contains salicylic acid which helps to reduce any redness on the skin and has anti bacterial properties.
Directions for use. Apply a small amount on a cotton bud to entire face, avoiding eye area. Start by applying to the forehead, then the sides of the face, then over the nose and lastly to the cheeks and top lip. Do not apply to lips, inside nose or eyes. This should not sting a lot, you should feel only a little tingle, then it should subside. Leave on gor up to 10 mins, if you get very red, remove immediately. Remove with plenty of fresh lukewarm water and sponge. Rinse well. Pat skin dry gently.
Rejeuvenation Mask
This moisturising mask contains hexapeptides to tone and tighten the skin and boost collagen and elastin production in the skin.
Directions for use. Apply a thin layer over entire face, leave on for 15-20 mins. Remove with lukewarm water. Pat skin dry.
Intensive Moisture Cream
An intensive moisturiser full of active ingrediants which helps to repair, nourish and hydrate sensitive or dry skin. Balances and refines skin tone.
Directions for use. Apply generously to face and neck, avoid eye area.

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All our products are for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and are not to be used on chapped broken or troubled skin.
With regards to Glyco, some irritation will occur, if it is extensive then stop use.