Natural Beauty
by Chantal
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Natural Beauty
by Chantal

Be determined to have what you want…..the goal is within reach.

Beautiful Skin:
Natural Beauty by Chantal is a well established family run business with a great team behind it. Chantal is a fully qualified beauty therapist with over 10 years experience behind her, she specialises in tailor made facials and has a wide product knowledge. In order to be at the forefront of the latest treatments and products Chantal is continually updating her training in order to achieve her goals and yours, beautifully clear skin.
Once a month a practitioner from Harley Street attends the salon offering immediate results with brow freezing, Collagen and Resylane along with the new IAL system designed to naturally promote skin cell health leading to a younger skin condition.
Discover Yourself:
Through Chantal’s love of make up and her endeavour to find the best products on the market she has discovered Barbara’s Mineral Make Up which offers the most natural look ever. Chantal offers wedding day make up and trial in the salon or if you’re looking to improve your make up skills why not come along for a specialised make up lesson.
Free Consultations or order Online, Chantal will give you all the help you need.
Do you want positive results?
Jan Marini is the fastest growing beauty product in America at present with the medical community praising Jan Marini’s research into skin aging, acne, discolouration and many other common skin conditions. Her relationship with many of the world’s leading physicians and research scientists has enabled her to launch cutting edge preparations and treatments that dramatically improve the skins appearance. So why not book a specialist Jan Marini facial and see the difference in your skin within two weeks, you will not be disappointed only complete satisfaction at seeing a NEW you.
Why not have a consultation by Chantal by completing our online questionaire. We will recommend which products are best suited for you and how to use them correctly. All our products can be sent to you by express post.
Take this opportunity to look at our online shop for new and exciting products. Do not forget to look at our range of treatments and consulations, book a treatment online we will confirm your booking.

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Please note.
All our products are for external use only. Avoid direct contact with eyes and are not to be used on chapped broken or troubled skin.
With regards to Glyco, some irritation will occur, if it is extensive then stop use.